With the ongoing pandemic, most of the organizations host their meetings on different platforms and one such booming platform is ZOOM. When you are overloaded with work and want to record your meetings for future references and create meeting minutes later, then the best web based tool to use is Screenapp.io. It is absolutely free of cost and downloads or plugins aren't necessary. Follow the simple steps mentioned below for an easy start :

Step 1

Search for Screenapp.io on your chrome or firefox browser.

Step 2

Click on the "Get Started" button.


Step 3

Choose one from the options given : Microphone audio, Browser audio or No Audio. Click on "Share your screen".


Step 4

Choose to share from the options given : Your entire screen, Application window or just the Chrome tab. Click on "Share".


Step 5

Click on "Start Recording".


Step 6

Once you are done with your meeting recording, click on "Stop Recording".


Step 7

Your screen recording file will be available for immediate download. Click on the blue "download" button if its a short video or you can trim it before downloading if it's a lengthy video.


Voila! Easy as that! So open that tab with screenapp.io, click on record before you hop on to your next ZOOM meeting!


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