MeetrixIO is a well experienced company with WebRTC related technologies. We provide commercial support for Jitsi Meet, Kurento, OpenVidu, BigBlue Button, Coturn Server and other webRTC related opensource projects.

The wait is over, get your video conferencing application ready in 5 minutes with the Meetrix Jitsi Customizer tool.

Jitsi works off the shelf on Web, Android and iOS. It can be hosted on your own servers which allows you to enjoy secure, private, and low cost video conferencing for teams, business and non-profits.

Deploy on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean or any other cloud platform using auto-scaling groups, turn servers and much more using Meetrix Jitsi Automater.

If you prefer custom installation, get the source code and setup your servers on your own. Either way the source code is yours.

If you want help to install the customized Jitsi code on your own servers or want help from getting server infrastructure to installation, Meetrix can help assist you all the way.

Enterprise customers are advised to contact us for tailor-made solutions and other customization such as RTMP Streaming, Jitsi Jibri Recording, Server monitoring, Jitsi Auto-scaling etc.

Monthly Support plans from for small, medium and large enterprises available.

Terms and conditions apply


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