This article was written to help potential users of Jitsi, especially small to medium customers who might not have the internal know-how to assess a potential vendor quote technically While the pandemic has changed the world in numerous ways, one of the best outcomes has been the drive to work remotely, from wherever people call home or their stay.

This has seen corporates and even small businesses shift their usual commercial licensed video conferencing solutions to self hosted environments such as those empowered by Jitsi meet.

Cach 1: Not explaining how many users a shard can support

Meetrix provides quotes for Jitsi meet enterprise environments using reliable architectures and platform designs that can guarantee performance. Hence our estimates are based on concrete data, and are continuously tested by our engineering team. Our quote would clearly provide the number of Users a shard can hold for your needs. Many smaller vendors would hide these details, and scam corporates into a cheap-deal.

Cach 2: Keeping the source code

We release the source code we used for the Jitsi Meet versions to our customers. We do not lock in clients and churn money for even the slightest details after hand over. Our practice is based on ethics that go deep into our corporate identity.

Cach 3: Not handing over server access

We have come across dangerous and ill fated incidents where previous developers have not provided SSH keys/ account details to customers. This is especially true for small or individual owners who had no technical knowledge to ask for this access. Meetrix always hands over server credentials professionally, helping customers plan ahead and be in charge of their video conferencing systems over WebRTC/ Jitsi Meet.

Cach 4: Not providing a technical hand over

About 30% of the customers who reach out to us for upgrades and technical support with installations from other vendors have no clue about their platform. Details such as platform architecture, authentication mechanisms, ports and IP addresses of servers, account details, configuration files are important information customers should have with them, and things Meetrix ensures to provide all our clients, big or small.

Cach 5: Not configuring Jitsi modules correctly

Jitsi is a pretty large code, with hundreds of thousands of lines of code, multi-server platform developed over years to provide enterprise grade communications using the best of WebRTC. While it is highly customizable and secure, has an active, if not the most active WebRTC community out there, it needs careful testing and setup procedures to engineer robustly. We have many clients who need a re-do after getting services from improper setup.

Cach 6: Not setting up correct configurations for firewall passthrough of UDP/ TCP

Many enterprise customers require firewall passthrough to ensure their enterprise communications are ready for all their stakeholder needs. Being protected should not be a hindrance to proper communication. Meetrix enterprise Jitsi services always take these factors into consideration.

Cach 7: Setting up out dated Jitsi versions

Meetrix will always set up Jitsi versions which are new and are tested. Ensure you are not conned into getting an outdated version in your Jitsi setup.

Cach 8: Incorrect devops/ CI-CD pipelines

Most customers fall into trouble when they need an upgrade. Ensure your vendor provides a clear CI/CD pipeline workflow so you are having a reliable and fault tolerant deployment process. Customers sometimes elect to hand over maintenance to Meetrix, just to focus on their business and let us handle WebRTC for this reason alone.

Cach 9: Incorrect server capacities

It is important to set up the correct servers for Jitsi's services to ensure the platform can meet client requirements. Meetrix would always customise the correct server schematics to ensure you can get the right performance.

Cach 10: Incorrectly setting up DNS load balancing, Node ports, and Turn servers

Many providers still are unable to configure the correct infrastructure configurations for their clients, and pay hefty prices where costs are doubled. The loss can be ten times or more given the loss of the customer's client trust. Meetrix will set up the platforms to correctly boot and serve video conferencing needs for even the most intense applications.


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