What is Terraform?

Terraform is a software tool created by HashiCorp that is used in AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud configuration automation to safely create, change and improve infrastructure. This open source tool codifies APIs into declarative configuration files and scripts that could be shared among team members or third parties to easily set up an infrastructure, without going through the hassle of coding from the very beginning from scratch. Terraform in short is, an entire infrastructure as code.

Why go for Terraform scripts for JVB and Jibri Autoscaling?

Jitsi meet is set up in a cloud environment and one such cloud platform is Amazon Web Services (AWS). First step to this is creating an account with AWS and setting up the infrastructure. Coding for the infrastructure is done manually from scratch. It has to be built and executed carefully. When setting up a system, we need to be considerate of the quality. In Jitsi Meet, autoscaling of JVB and Jibri is very important to balance the increase of streams and network bandwidth. Using necessary resources and auto scaling is a must to carry out quality conferences. There are two main tools :

  1. Ansible
  2. Terraform

Ansible and Terraform are used to resolve different phases of infrastructure and software deployment. Ansible is a tool that helps drive complexity away in servers configuration automation and helps DevOps accelerate their initiatives. Terraform is more of a provisioning tool which helps in deploying infrastructure in cloud configuration automation.

Graph 3

How helpful are Jitsi Meet Terraform Scripts?

There is a lot of work that goes into building an infrastructure from scratch in a cloud environment. It is time consuming and there are high chances for human error to occur. Once successfully built, it comes handy for all future projects. Terraform has a great set of features that help in scripting. It helps with visibility into changes before they actually happen, the built-in graphing feature helps to visualize the infrastructure and the ability to break down the configuration into smaller chunks helps with better organization, re-use and maintenance. Terraform scripts could be provided with an AWS access key or you can run Terraform from one or more control servers that use an AWS Identity and Access Management instance profile. To ease your work and to save time coding, it's wise to purchase a script that's error-less and one that delivers a complete infrastructure.

To know more about jitsi meet and to get a better understanding read : All About Jitsi or reach out to us regarding Terraform scripts for Jitsi meet at hello@meetrix.io.

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