Jitsi meet admin panel is an easy-to-use meeting management tool that you can use to organise, control and administer all your Jitsi meetings. The sophisticated yet robust technology set behind an extremely user-friendly interface enables administrators and select professionals of your organisation to easily manage meeting admins (also called moderators), create and schedule meetings, customise the software according to your company brand and much more.

This post talks about all the features that Jitsi Meeting Manager has on offer that can enhance your Jitsi video conferencing experience like never before. Let's dive in!

Creating Meetings

Jitsi Meeting Manager allows you to create two types of meetings as follows.

Instant Meetings

This option enables you to create an instant meeting at the click of a button. All you have to do is assign a name to your meeting and you are all good to go. Then you can share the meeting link with anyone who wants to join the meeting.

Schedule Meetings

Just as the name suggests, you can schedule a meeting using this option. This offers more configuration options and details to be added to the meeting than just creating an instant meeting.

Enter a meeting name, date, starting and ending times and the expected number of participants and the meeting will be added to your upcoming meeting schedule within Jitsi Meeting Manager. Once the meeting has been saved, you can share the meeting link (through email, social media or any other method you prefer) with anyone who wants to join the meeting at the scheduled date and time.

View and Update Meetings

Viewing Meeting Information

You can get a quick overview of your recent meetings and upcoming meetings from the Overview tab.

If you are interested in getting a more detailed view of meeting information, you can do so by visiting the Meetings tab.

Meeting Management

The More column on both the recent and upcoming meetings in the Meetings tab offers you a number of meeting management options. From viewing and editing meeting information to sharing the meeting invitation link and deleting meetings, you can manage your meetings as you wish.

User Information Management

Viewing Admin User Information

You can view the details of all the users in your Jitsi Meeting Manager by going to the Users tab.

Adding Admin Users

Adding users to Jitsi Meeting Manager only takes a click of a button. Submit the name, email and password of the user to be added to the meeting management system. Users added to your Jitsi Meeting Manager will be able to manage all meetings, users and other settings within the meeting management system.

Admin User Management

The more column on the Users tab lets you delete users and change user passwords.

There is only one Super Admin user. This user is typically the administrator who creates and manages all other admin users and configures the platform FAQ, terms of service, privacy policy etc.

General Settings

Please note that the following settings are only configurable to the Super Admin of the system.

User Profile Settings

The settings page of Jitsi Meeting allows you to make changes to your user profile such as updating your name and password.

Company/Brand Information

The settings page of Jitsi Meeting allows you to update a wide array of your company/brand information such as system title, time zone, company name, date format, meeting end page text, company logo and meeting end page banner. This option allows you to customize your Jitsi Meeting Manager according to your company's brand.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and FAQ

The settings page of Jitsi Meeting allows you to add your company's privacy policy, terms of use and FAQs related to video conferencing.

Contact Us

The settings page of Jitsi Meeting allows you to add your company contact information and links to social media accounts.

Meeting Recording

The settings page of Jitsi Meeting allows you to enable or disable meeting recording for both moderators and participants.

If you are interested in getting a Jitsi Meeting Manager to manage all the Jitsi meetings of your organisation, feel free to contact us at Meetrix. Our teams are more than happy to discuss your video conferencing needs and deliver customised solutions that suit your business.

Click here to learn more about how you can set up admin users and schedule meetings with Jitsi Meeting Manager.

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