Since the invention of the computer, human effort has been reduced drastically and now the traditional tutoring has been shifted to online tutoring, where it is far more convenient for tutors, students as well as parents. The demand and trend for online tutoring businesses are growing at a rapid rate. If you are looking for improving your business or if you have an idea to start a new tutoring business, then Meetrix Teach would be the best solution.

What Is Meetrix Teach

Meetrix Teach is an online tutoring management system that will facilitate for tremendous management of your business. The system Includes:

Management features which is broken down into:

  • Tutor Management - Gives you the ability to add/ remove/ edit tutors.Learn More
  • Student Management - Gives you the ability to add/ remove/ edit students.Learn More
  • Class management - allows you to view, edit and cancel classes.Learn More

Virtual Classroom

this is the place where the class sessions are conducted. Pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters and many more items are available in the digital form, giving you the best tools to conduct sessions. Besides the ability to communicate using audio and video, the virtual classroom lets the tutors and the students to communicate using chat messages.Learn More

Other Supportive Features

  • Session Recording - You Probably have much more work to do than just sitting in front of your computer and observing classes. That's why we enabled the session recording option. Let the tutors and the students to conduct their sessions and let the class sessions be recorded. this allows you to view past sessions by playback.

  • Report Generation - You (admin) and the tutor has the ability to generate reports of the sessions that were conducted with students. This would give the ability to view records of past sessions during a selected time period.Learn More

  • Set Different Access Levels - Reduce your work load as an administrator by sharing the admin privileges with others and spreading out the tasks that are to be done. This will help you save your valuable time.Learn More

  • Payment Method - Most of the online Tutoring Platforms does not have a proper payment method. Mostly they use a common bank account for transactions. But Meetrix Teach gives you the ability to do all your transactions within the system itself using Stripe Api. You will also have the ability to monitor the transactions made between tutors and students.

Meetrix Teach could be used as a private, single-tutor business to a massive scale business as an online school. As Meetrix Teach is a well organized platform, you will understand how it is operated, very easily. Thus opening doors to your imaginary school to become a reality.

Click Here to learn more about Meetrix Teach and how it is operated or visit Meetrix Teach to contact us and request a demo to try out meetrix teach.


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