While many industries were forced into digitalization due to recent global events, the entertainment and events management industry has been making use of modern technology for quite some time, especially in video conferencing. Gone are the days when you had to travel for hours to meet up with clients and have company meetings. With the advancements in video conferencing technology, now it's just a matter of everyone meeting up in a virtual meeting room. Jitsi is one of the prominent technologies that provides the right infrastructure to facilitate this robust video conferencing and communication. To take things up a notch, Meetrix has built the Jitsi Meet Admin Panel that is a great, free and open source tool that can be used to manage all your online meetings with ease.

Simplifying the advanced and sophisticated technology with the use of a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, Jitsi Meet Admin Panel can help all professionals in the entertainment and event management industry manage their virtual meetings in a way like never before. This post continues to talk about the benefits this cutting-edge meeting management tool has to offer this industry.

  • Schedule and manage client meetings with ease

Make use of Jitsi Meet Admin Panel's meeting scheduling feature to schedule all your client and internal company meetings. Scheduling a meeting won't take more than a minute where you just have to enter a meeting name, date, starting and ending times and the expected number of participants and the meeting will be saved to the system. You can also reschedule your past meetings and update the information of any upcoming meetings.

  • Add assistants and secretaries to manage meetings

Jitsi Meet Admin Panel has a two tier administrator structure, where you can remain as the super admin and you can add your assistants, secretaries and any other employees to the meeting management system as admin users, who can then help you in managing meetings. You, the super admin will have full rights to the system while admin users will have limited access to the features and settings.

  • Invite clients to meetings conveniently

Inviting clients to your online meetings only takes a few mouse clicks. The system will provide a link to every meeting you schedule, which you can share with your clients through email, texting/messaging applications, and social media. Then they can join the meeting at scheduled time using the shared meeting link.

  • Makes planning your schedule easy

Jitsi Meet Admin Panel can also help you in planning and organising your calendar as it provides you with a clear overview of all your upcoming meetings. Your clients can also enjoy the same benefit as they will also be receiving a link to the meeting in advance of the actual meeting.

  • A meeting management tool customised to your organisation

Jitsi Meet Admin Panel guarantees to deliver a unique video conferencing experience that a generic software is not capable of, thanks to its facility to customise the meeting management system by adding your company logo, privacy policies, terms of services, FAQs, contact information and other company information.

If you are interested in getting a Jitsi Meet Admin Panel to manage all the client and internal meetings of your entertainment and event management company, feel free to contact us at Meetrix. Our teams are more than happy to discuss your video conferencing needs and deliver customised solutions that suit your business.

Click here to learn about all the features available within Jitsi Meet Admin Panel that can help your organisation.

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