Jitsi meet infrastructure with meeting management system for telecoms and software services as a CPAAS

With more and more work from home and video based business process becoming the new norm, the quest to setup a robust, secure meeting platform for inhouse needs is more important than ever. However, finding a reliable software partner who is also an expert at the network management and DevOps. side of the implementation, and who has WebRTC industry leading experience on setting up such systems has become another challenge.

Meetrix has been working with real time communications since 2014, and with Jitsi for over 5 years. We cater to some of the world's largest networks and video conferencing users as a globally recognized service partner. We have developed a highly scalable and reliable meeting management platform using Jitsi meet as a back bone for customers who need to setup in house meeting platforms that can work as a stand alone app, or become an integral part of a larger business application.

Key features:

  • Meeting management
  • Host management
  • Pay as you use
  • Per host license from the lowest prices in the market
  • 100-2000 concurrent user systems that can meet the most demanding requirements
  • Screen share
  • JWT token/ LDAP authentication
  • Streaming and recording
  • Translation and transcription

The system is deployed using the latest stable Jitsi meet version which is tested by us. We also make necessary customizations so that you don't have to worry about the nitty gritty. As a licensed platform, the system is regularly updated with the latest release of Jitsi meet and our management system, usually cycles of two months or less.

Special video conferencing services for self service deployments on national telecom providers and telecommunications software vendor partners

Meetrix is also a global service provider for Enterprise grade video conferencing CPAAS setups using Jitsi meet. We can setup Terraform or Open Stack, Kubernetes powered auto deployment infrastructure using the above platforms provided over a licensed user agreement. With the ever increasing demand for local providers to setup end to end encrypted video conferencing services inside countries server spaces, our partnership can strengthen you to take on the challenge with a industry leader.

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