The best time to take your entertainment business online is here. Jitsi meet can easily accommodate over 100 concurrent users inside a webinar and stream for thousands or even millions of concurrent viewers in real time.

Cloud services such as AWS, GCP and Azure allow companies to have low cost, cutting edge fast and reliable network infrastructure allowing experiences on par or in some cases, even better than those afforded by Zoom or Microsoft Teams in webinars.

Polls, File share, applause/ chat, break out rooms, virtual backgrounds, network information and many more value additions allow a great experience for users.

The Jitsi meet admin panel empowers this experience, allowing you to get the most out of these sessions.

Having the ability to manage your Admins, corporate branding, legal terms and much more in a easy to use, self hosted/ cloud account shared platform as a service will you many price options and modification avenues to develop your own, unique and highly scalable virtual events and entertainment experiences using the most advanced virtual experiences.

Let's walk through some of the popular work flows and streaming services to see how you can make the most out of the Jitsi meet admin panel for your entertainment business.

If you need a logo for your videos, you can easily make one using a free service like Streaming to services like, and even are a breeze.

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This is powered by RTMP (real-time-messaging-protocol) which is a low overhead, reliable data streaming technology. The best thing is, even many other streaming services which work with RTMP can work with your events, providing truly scalable online events.

Compared to services like Streamyard, Jitsi meet admin panel provides a rich set of features to manage your hosts. What's more the ability to stream to multiple streaming services can also be added on request, and the best thing is you can have upto 20 video participants and all the video data is hosted by you inside the webinar.

So why wait, talk to us asap and get the most out of your events. It is also a fact that being prepared and keeping your systems prepared to face new challenges such as Covid is the new normal. Meetrix has a great support team ready to be there with you while events take place. So take a look at all our services right now by booking a meeting with us.


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