The Demand for Online Tutoring

With the growing technology, there is a great demand for providing services by using web-based platforms or online platforms. With reference to the field of tutoring, currently; we see a remarkable trend for online tutoring. There are a number of advantages of performing as an online tutor. The utmost advantage is the capability of tutoring students all around the world. Scheduling of lessons is not that much hard as in ordinary tutoring system. The tutor can work from home while depending on flexible schedules. Even though there are numerous online tutoring platforms like WisIQ and TutorBox available in the world, the majority of them are SaaS (Software as a Service)-based. Actually; that is a kind of barrier for most of the companies as the companies have to keep purchasing licenses of software when the organization gets expanded.

To Whom does Meetrix Virtual Classroom Suit for?

Actually; has already provided a solution for above-mentioned barriers by providing a highly-standard fully web-based virtual classroom for those who are looking for one to one tutoring. Moreover; is perfect for small-scale tutoring companies who look for their own tutoring platform.

Meetrix virtual classroom uses the latest technology!

As mentioned in the above our virtual classroom is fully web-based and utilizes the latest webRTC technology for video conferencing. The latest webRTC technology ensures real-time audio/video communication. In addition; virtual classroom consists of an HTML5 Canvas-based collaborative whiteboard. Collaborative whiteboard screen sharing and text chat enhance the effectiveness of the learning process to a greater extent. Other than that; it is possible to make unlimited concurrent classrooms via virtual classroom. Another interesting bundle of features of our classroom is its broad compatibility with web browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox with multi-device support.


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