With the recent global events and the developments in video conferencing technology, conventional education has made its way to more of a modernised, online based form of education. Schools and universities have turned into online classrooms and attending a lecture is usually through an online video conferencing session. With such advancements in the field of education, Jitsi has played a vital role in setting up the right infrastructure to facilitate robust video conferencing and communication. To make things even easier with e-learning, Meetrix has built the Jitsi Meet Admin panel that is a great, free and open source tool that can help improve a learning management system that educational organisations can benefit from.

The sophisticated and robust technology set behind an easy-to-use graphical user interface, Jitsi Meet Admin Panel can take online tutoring and lecturing to a whole new level. Giving you the ability to easily manage all your lectures, add institute administrators and lecturers to the meeting management system and invite students to lectures, the benefits you can gain from this system as an educational organisation is plenty. This post will continue to talk about some of the benefits. Let's dive in!

  • Schedule and manage lectures with ease

    Jitsi Meet Admin Panel provides you with the facility to schedule lectures/meetings ahead of time. Enter a meeting name, date, starting and ending times and the expected number of participants and the meeting will be saved to the system. You can also view meeting details of all upcoming as well as recent meetings and reschedule meetings and update meeting details just as you wish.

  • Add institute administrators and lecturers to the system

Jitsi Meeting Manager has two tiers of users as super admin users and admin users, which can be incredibly helpful in managing your online lectures. You can be the super admin user of the system and add any of admin users(ideally institute administrators and lecturers)you wish, who will then be given certain rights within the system, enabling them to help you in managing lectures.

  • The ability to invite students to lectures easily

Once you schedule or create an instant meeting using Jitsi Meet Admin Panel, you will get a link to the meeting that you can share with your students, who can then join the lecture at the time it's scheduled to begin. You can easily invite your students by sharing the meeting link through email, texting/messaging applications, social media or any other form of communication you prefer.

  • Makes planning your lecture schedule easy

Since Jitsi Meeting Manager provides you with a clear, in-depth overview of all your upcoming lectures, you can easily organise your schedule. Since your students will also be getting a link to the lecture, they can also organise their calendar and be aware of lecture dates and time ahead of time.

  • A meeting management tool customised to your company

Not only is this a meeting management tool that makes your lecturing easy, but it is a tool that is customizable to your company brand. Instead of a generic meeting management tool, Jitsi Meet Admin Panel allows you to customise the system by adding your company logo, privacy policies, terms of services, FAQs, contact information and much more.

If you are interested in getting a Jitsi Meet Admin Panel to manage all the online lectures of your educational organisation, feel free to contact us at Meetrix. We might be able to further customise the system as well. Our teams are more than happy to discuss your video conferencing needs and deliver customised solutions that suit your business.

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