Jitsi Meet

There is no doubt that Jitsi Meet is a great conferencing system (or a great starter kit to build your own). Although, here are some features that you might want, which is not built in to jitsi

Set Moderator Rights

By default the user who joins first to the conference room becomes the moderator. And if the moderator leaves, next user will get the moderator rights. Even the token authentication or secure domains is enabled this behaviour cannot be changed. Therefor in a conference room, anyone can become a moderator

Any User can Mute/Unmute Themselves

Although the moderator can mute any participant, the participant can unmute himself. But the moderator cannot unmute any participant. Therefor the moderator does not have the full control over the conference.

A user/room Management System

An essential part for a private jitsi meet deployement would be a user/room management system with authentication. You have to build your own system for this.

We Meetrix love Jitsi and Jitsi meet. And we have supported many clients to build systems around jitsi. You can take a look at Meetrix Meet, which is built on Jitsi Meet. You might find some features that you are interested in it.


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