MeetrixIO is a well experienced company with WebRTC related technologies. We provide commercial support for Jitsi Meet, Kurento, OpenVidu, BigBlue Button, Coturn Server and other webRTC related opensource projects.

Why Jitsi Meet

Small, medium, and large enterprises trust Jitsi Meet for their stable and reliable video conferencing meetings.

There's never been a better time to make use of remote conferencing tech services and we understand how important it is to do it through the safest software possible.

That's why we present you Jitsi Meet, a versitable WebRTC open-source solution with native mobile apps and server-based web applications for video conferencing.

A flexible, instantaneous, and state-of-the-art online tool that allows customers to self-host or simply use this software in whichever way they like.

Besides, Jitsi's ease of use is one of its biggest strengths.

Why? Because unlike most other video conferencing platform, its really easy to setup your own custom meeting URLs and password or JWT protect them within or external to your business applications. And the same goes for Android and iOS mobile apps and the desktok application.

This is a versitable WebRTC open-source solution with native mobile apps and server-based web applications for video conferencing.

Scale your business video calls to the next level and ensure that your employees and their sensitive data are protected at all times.

Cater to any number of video conferences and users

And, what's more, JVB autoscaling helps keep infrastructure costs down by only spinning up servers and other resources when they are needed.

Jibri autoscaling does the same by only spinning up video conference recording services when they are requested to do so.

But there's also a mastermind behind the genius flow that you see operating in the video conferencing products market.

And that is Meetrix: a proud provider of assistance for Jitsi, offering complete services that range from installation, configuration, customization, hosting, maintenance, and commercial support.

Because Meetrix's engineering expertise in WebRTC and real-time communication technologies is a top priority for the company and its development, Jitsi Meet is definitely a special software.

Interested in improving your collaboration systems at your own company?

Have a call with Meetrix and get to know the tech products/services that are shaping the future of custom communication platforms and Jitsi solutions.

Yes, we are here to help your business evolve through our prime technologies and personalized proposals.

At Jitsi, video conferencing security is the mission. And your satisfaction is definitely the inspiration.

So, are you ready to connect with your peers, colleagues, clients or managers - fast, secure and easy?

Press GO and start your new meeting!

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