Jibri is a server component which makes up the Jitsi meet platform for a fully fledged and robust video conferencing experience. Simply put, Jibri enables streaming of conferences and recording them to server or other backup storage systems.

Jigasi will launch a Chrome instance using a virtual frame buffer which captures and encodes the output using ffmpeg. It is written to work on one VM, and can only capture content from one meeting at a time. This is why Meetrix typically sets up auto-scaling for Jibri records clusters within a shard.

Benefits of Jibri recording and streaming

Now let's discuss some typical use cases and benefits of having the ability to record and stream your meetings.

Use case 1: Jitsi meet for recording board meetings

Directors and other senior executives such as CEOs, CIOs and General Managers are usually busy people who have to visit various locations. They typically had to spend many hours just going to a regular business meeting or a Board meeting. That can now end as Jitsi meet can allow these meetings to happen even while you are mobile, even driving or on vacation. With recording, the need for painful and detailed meeting minutes can also be removed. Checkout our Jitsi meet admin panel which allows auto-transcription of meeting chatter to empower an even smoother experience.

Use case 2: Jitsi meet for recording interviews

Human resource managers and HR executives can now use their corporate Jitsi meet installations to conduct convenient and secure interviews with potential candidates. Having the ability to record means it is easy to review all the applicants to create assessments correctly.

Use case 3: Jitsi meet for recording corporate meetings and sales calls

Ever had a meeting with your business partners and forgot to take meeting minutes? Or a sales team call where you keep forgetting what actions points were discussed? Those days are past with Jitsi meet powered meeting with recording to save those precious ideas to flat file backups on the cloud or on premise.

Use case 4: Jitsi meet for recording team discussions for volunteer teams, sports teams, school associations

Most volunteer organisations have remote meetings today. Given platforms like zoom might be too costly when you are working for passion, Jitsi meetings with recordings can go a long way. The same goes to school teams as varied from tutoring groups, sports teams to music group.

Use case 5: Jitsi meet for streaming events to YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Streaming to YouTube, Linked In or Facebook is easy with RTMP powered Jitsi streaming. This way, you can reach thousands if not millions of people from all over the world using their favourite social channels.

Read more about how exactly you can setup Jibri for recording and streaming for a small setup here: Setting up Jibri for Jitsi Meet meeting recording and streaming on Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20.04 for Nginx or Apache


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