Meetrix is an enterprise integrator of Jitsi Meet. Having served over 400 customers with various WebRTC solutions, we thought it's high time to compare Zoom Enterprise vs Jitsi Meet over a 2minute read worth a million dollars. (retrieved on 01/03/2022).

Zoom Jitsi Meet Enterprise
Corporate URL: Allow corporate admin to request for corporate URL (e.g. for SSO and corporate website branding. This is a bang on your buck, clear winner for Jitsi Meet Enterprise with Meetrix, because we can set up your own fully qualified domain name for your meeting platform.If your business is "", we can set up as your conference URL or many other URLs. In addition we can even embed your meeting within another domain name's IFRAME.
Single sign-on: Use SAML or OAuth mechanism to allow corporate users to use their corporate credentials to start and schedule meetings. Can setup SAML/ OAuth.
Can set up LDAP/ ActiveDirectory.
Allow password authorised meetings.
Hybrid cloud service: Allow corporate admin to deploy the Meeting Connector to run meetings within your company network. User and meeting metadata are managed in the public cloud while the meeting traffic including video, audio and data-sharing goes through the Meeting Connector in your company network. All your meta data and network can be hosted by you, no data needs to be shared with any other corporate at all. Secure meetings are all the rage and need for most large and medium enterprises today. What's more, your data can be hosted in national data centres or your own, on-premise data centres.
REST API: Allow anyone in your company to easily incorporate video meetings into their web applications and web tools. You can easily launch video meetings in any web app, mobile app or even embedded devices such as electronics devices using jitsi.

As seen above, Jitsi is a league ahead when compared to Zoom in all their enterprise offerings. Meetrix Jitsi Meet Enterprise solutions is the way forward for any corporate looking for the reliability, scalability and security as well cost-benefit of video conferencing and communications.


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