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ALVAR Augmented Reality library and has not been maintained for years. How ever there is an interesting demo with ALVAR and Kurento which can render 3d models on detected ALVAR Markers of real-time video streams. In this post, we are bringing back this example to live, after years.

Installing other ALVAR Dependencies

  • sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev freeglut3-dev libopenscenegraph-dev

Compiling ALVAR

First we need ALVA library, I have foked a mirror of ALVAR and changed it to compile with gcc 5.0. You can find the git repo here.

  • Clone the repo git clone
  • Run the script inside alvar directory cd ./build && chmod +x generate*.sh && ./
  • cd ./build/build_gcc5_release then make
  • Install with make install


  • Create the AR Process MeetrixRemoteSupportAlphaOpenCVImpl.hpp


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